Mechanical Services PTE Limited specialises in commercial building services projects since its inception in 1971. Projects include a range of Mechanical Services works including Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Sheet metal works, Stainless Steel works, Plumbing, and Automation & Controls.   

Policy Framework For Human Resource of Mechanical Services PTE Limited

Mechanical Services PTE Limited undertakes diverse work, developing policies and delivering good work ethics and services to its employees. Active Human Resource Management is a foundation of a high performing service and a key enabler in building Mechanical Services PTE Limited’s trust in, and satisfaction with its stakeholders. Human Resource Policy is a key component to the strengthening of the overall human capacity of the employees for effective and proficient service delivery. This in turn contributes to the enhancement of the processes and business development.

One of the objectives of this policy framework is to respond to the long-standing view that the Human Resource system of the employee needs to improve through the capabilities of existing human resource principles, processes, procedures and practices.

Additionally, the framework seeks to clarify roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, structures and standards. Human Resource Policy needs to continuously evolve to keep pace with new challenges posed by fast-paced change, globalization, increasingly more complex, diverse situations and fiscal considerations, to ensure continuing excellence in customer service. This policy goes beyond the transactional activities associated with human resources in building a culture of excellence on foundations such as leadership, management, values and ethics and employee engagement, skills and development.

It is an integral part of achieving operational objectives and requires sustained leadership and investment of time and resources. It also requires the engagement of managers, workers to work hand in hand in achieving corporate goals.

This Framework outlines an approach to human resource management that builds on past practices, procedures, initiatives and international standards that enable organizations to manage people in a way that best accomplishes their objectives.

The application of this approach is expected to achieve an employee that

(a) attracts, recruits and retains talented and qualified individuals, and maximizes the potential of its workforce to meet both current and future organizational needs;

(b) provides a workplace where workers have meaningful work in a fair, safe, supportive and ethical.