Mechanical Services PTE Limited specialises in commercial building services projects since its inception in 1971. Projects include a range of Mechanical Services works including Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Sheet metal works, Stainless Steel works, Plumbing, and Automation & Controls.   

Auto Air Conditioning

Mechanical Services PTE Limited understands the complexities of Automotive Air Conditioning systems and therefore, has trained and experienced technicians to diagnose repair and perform maintenance on any models of Vehicle.

With proper maintenance, the A/C system refrigerant and lubrication levels are met and the risk of premature compressor failure decreases allowing the desired interior cabin temperature to be achieved.

The common misconception, when there is a problem with the AC, is that their Vehicle Air Conditioners has simply run out of gas and needs refilling. This is rarely the case.

The purpose of any Auto Air conditioning system is to achieve a controlled environment so that the human body is comfortable during all ranges of temperature. To accomplish this, the Auto AC system has a network of components which are responsible for monitoring, cooling, circulating and improving air quality and controlling the humidity within the vehicle. Improper diagnosis can completely damage the whole system.

Motor Vehicles are a major investment and you should trust the care of it to professionals, like Mechanical Services PTE Limited, who have been in the business for decades and where maintaining relationships are more important than anything else.

We are Specialist In:

  • Diagnosing system components
  • Checking common causes of compressor failure
  • Recovery Refrigerant
  • Testing compressor efficiency
  • Compressor noise analysis
  • Diagnosis and repairing of auto air con electrical wiring
  • Blockage on TX value and driers
  • Air flow efficiency
  • Air flow restriction
  • Auto air conditioning installation and repairs
  • Direct Drop in refrigerant levels
  • Aluminium welding
  • Repairing gas leakage
  • Vacuum and charging gas
  • Repairing and installing new flexible hose and hydraulic press
  • Auto AC Spare parts