Mechanical Services PTE Limited specialises in commercial building services projects since its inception in 1971. Projects include a range of Mechanical Services works including Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Sheet metal works, Stainless Steel works, Plumbing, and Automation & Controls. 

Automation & Controls

A Building Management System (BMS) is an example of a Distributed control system. BMS describes the functionality provided by the control system. The control system is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic devices, designed to monitor and control the mechanical and lighting systems in a building.

BMS core functionality keeps the building climate within a specified range, provides lighting based on an occupancy schedule, and monitors system performance and device failures and provides email and/or text    notifications to building engineering staff.

The BMS functionality reduces building energy and maintenance costs when compared to a noncontrolled building.

A building controlled by a BMS is often referred to as an intelligent building. For the Building Management System we are proposing Automated Logic Corporation BAC net protocol compliant Direct Digital Control System. Shown below is a network of ALC Control Modules that are used in Building Management Systems applications. This is also known as the ALC System Architecture.

This department specializes in the following areas:

  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  • Industrial Process Control and Instrumentation.
  • PLC programming, installation and commissioning
  • Temperature / Pressure / Humidity control specialists.
  • Sole Distributor: Automated Logic Building Management System Products in Fiji Islands
  • Distributor : Siemens Building Technology Products
  • This department has graduate Automation and Controls Engineers who provide back up service for our BMS and services Daikin Electronic products of any design.
  • To overcome troubleshooting, fault diagnosis and countermeasures, we are fully equipped with all necessary up to date equipment and software programs.

Benefits of a BMS:

A well executed BMS brings numerous benefits to the building, such as the easy and convenient method of monitoring the individual building control systems and the ease at which to apply the required adjustments.

A BMS also serves as a diagnostic tool to identify changes in buildings energy performance. With BMS the following are easily possible.

  • Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  • Analyse performance of individual building services
  • Tuning and optimizing systems at common interface
  • Integrated energy saving control functions reducing energy costs.
  • Minimized intervention by staff in daily operations
  • Good control of internal conditions providing more comfort for building occupants
  • Possibility of individual room control
  • Effective response to HVAC related complaints.
  • Information and reports are easily available
  • BMS can monitor specific ranges for condition based maintenance
  • Identification of regular and reactive maintenance by identify equipment faults or failure.
  • Collect building performance data for analysis
  • Logging and archiving data for energy management
  • Links your BMS with your Energy Management Plan
  • Monitor effectiveness of energy management plans/ Key performance indicators.