Mechanical Services Fiji Limited specialises in commercial building services projects since its inception in 1971. Projects include a range of Mechanical Services works including Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Sheet metal works, Stainless Steel works, Plumbing, and Automation & Controls.  

Quality Assurance

We are the leading Contractors of Mechanical Services works including Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Ventilation, Sheet Metal works, Stainless Steel works, and Building Automation & Controls in Fiji. MSL’s work force consist of highly skilled and experienced design and sales engineers, commercial managers, draftsmen and tradespersons. MSL’s commitment to quality is achieved through exceeding compliance with statutory requirements, codes, standards and guidelines; and a system with the aim of eliminating defective work; and clearly defining roles and responsibilities for managing quality so that the final output is of superior value.

Effective “Quality Assurance” is a cost-effective means of providing, to all concerned, the documented evidence needed to establish confidence, that the quality function is being performed adequately during procurement, design, manufacturing and delivery phases of all products. It is the aim of MSL to maintain a total Quality Assurance system formatted for the design/development, production, installation and servicing.

MSL Quality Assurance Program is designed and maintained to ensure that all activities are undertaken in systematic and controlled fashion in an environment to promote a philosophy of continuous quality improvement.

A “make first time” approach is the key to quality design, productivity, and cost control and customer satisfaction. The Board of Directors have adopted the policy of supplying only those products which have the requisite quality to merit customer satisfaction throughout the effective life of the products.

The quality and reliability of the company’s products are the concern of every person in the organization and are not just the sole responsibility of Quality Assurance team. In-built quality starts with design and development and continues right through all subsequent phases, it also includes the quality that comes from the skill and the accuracy of the person making the product.

Thus every section has quality-related responsibilities. Each production unit therefore is responsible for manufacturing the scheduled quality, in the required time in accordance with the planned estimate, and also at the required quality level. To help achieve this objective, quality problems arising in various areas are to be identified and solved with speed, technical efficiency and economy. The methods are to be kept continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary.

The foregoing broad principles are basic to this company for the assurance of product quality, to ensure that these aims are met; MSL has established a well-maintained Quality Assurance system, which has been planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions of the Company.

The requirement of Australian Standard forms the basis of MSL Quality Assurance System. The content of the Quality Assurance manual describe how it has been designed to ensure that all customer and statutory authority requirements are recognized and that a consistent control is established, implemented and maintained..